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Wrestle Jump

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The Wrestle Jump is a multiplayer game that gives you a great opportunity to have a great time with your friend. Quickly go through the training and enjoy funny gameplay. The rules are simple, you need to break the enemy`s head by the ground. To win, the player must win five rounds. Cute cartoon graphics, a variety of complex and utterly insane levels, addictive gameplay, a multiplayer mode and easy controls based on a single button – yet this is incomplete list of features of this popular game. To control your fighter just one button is needed, all the attention should be paid to the game, you need to focus and understand the technique of the game to win it. In fact, the game has dynamic battles in which players fight holding hands and pushing each other. You will have to push away from the ground to defeat you opponent. You can control the movement of your fighter with a single key, but in the beginning it will not be as easy as it seems. Take some time to get used to the process. One click and your fighter will push off the ground. Exactly with such jumps you will be able to make you enemy hit something and fall out of the fight. Wrestle Jump gives you a wide variety of arenas for battle. Several locations are used for wrestling: mountain peak, cages, texas desert and so on. In addition there is a large number of levels. So the farther you play the more interesting the game will be. Have a good time.

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